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001.Patience. 002.Butterfly. 003.Unexpected. 004.Colorful. 005.Hatred.
006.Surprise. 007.Open. 008.Unforgivable. 009.Mist. 010.Writing.
011.Sorrow. 012.Impatience. 013.Faith. 014.Abandon. 015.Weary.
016.Storm. 017.War. 018.Cover. 019.Quitting. 020.Talk.
021.Near. 022.Lost. 023.Shade. 024.Middles. 025.Black.
026.Gift. 027.Smell. 028.Lovers. 029.Fall. 030.Work.
031.Confusion. 032.Dust. 033.Sky. 034.Yours. 035.Fool.
036.Turn. 037.Alone. 038.Courage. 039.Never. 040.Mad.
041.Royal. 042.Breakable. 043.Artificial. 044.Virtue. 045.Abyss.
046.Escape. 047.Silver. 048.Pressure. 049.Yesterday. 050.Influence.
21 January 2007 @ 03:01 pm
Title: Her Tears
Author: eonone
Rating: R
Pairing: Anamaria/Elizabeth
Warnings/Author's notes: Set directly after DMC. Oh, and femmeslash. Not explicit, but substantial. Also, this is my first pirate fic (and first femmeslash, zomg) so be gentle. It's a rarepair, but I think Anamaria is of the Jack type... as in she has sex with everyone even with all her clothes on.
Summary: Anamaria is captain of her boat- and she holds little tolerance for those who keep secrets.

You know something, and you will tell me, or you will walk the plank and swim to Tortuga, where you can be a grieving whore.Collapse )
21 January 2007 @ 02:50 pm
Title: Never the Bride
Author: eonone
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Lily/Sirius (mentions of Lily/James)
Summary: You don't shag the girl your best mate's been in love with since First Year. It's a rule. Then again, Sirius isn't so good with rules.
Warnings: None

Author's notes: Written as a smutty_claus gift for rian219. This was a pinch hit, and gave me quite a bit of grief in tying all the ends of it together. I ended up pretty happy with it, but still wish I'd had more time to work out the raw edges. Who knows, I may come back and edit the heck out of this later.

Never the BrideCollapse )
21 January 2007 @ 02:41 pm
Title: Mirror, Mirror
Author: eonone
Rating: Hard R, if not NC-17
Pairing(s): Ron/Pansy (mentions of Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Pansy/Draco, and Ron/Hermione/Pansy, if you get really literal.)

Summary: "Each twin had a different theory as to why the small corridor was there. Fred, ever the inventive one, said Filch had designed it to spy on the girls- and boys- as they readied for bed or baths or the like. George suspected it was rarely used, put in place by the Founders to keep a close eye that only Prefects, Captains, or those of the respective gender entered each bathroom. Ron didn't care enough to formulate his own theory as to why the small corridor with the windows adjacent to the mirrors of each bathroom was there. He only cared that it existed."

Warnings: Voyeurism, bondage but not really in a sexual context. Other than that, it's pretty clean.

Author's notes: Written as a smutty_claus gift for twilightsorcery.

In all honesty, he hadn't intended on spying on Pansy Parkinson. Or becoming a pervert. Or anything of the sort.Collapse )